Team Canada MIXTAPES Lineup

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Team Canada MIXTAPES Lineup Empty Team Canada MIXTAPES Lineup

Post by Farq on Mon Feb 22, 2010 6:40 pm

Team Canada MIXTAPES

Coach - Farq
Assistant Coach - The Milkman

First Line:
Drake - Center
Magnum 357- Left Wing
JD Era - Right Wing
Gully Tha Kid - Defense
Ozz - Defense

Second Line:
Mayhem Morearty - Center
Young K - Left Wing
J. Staffz - Right Wing
M-8 - Defense
Don Kartel - Defense

Third Line: (Can Interchange With Line 2)
Mason Payne - Center
Turk (of T.N.T) - Left Wing
Sense - Right Wing
Tipz-C (of SH Brothaz) - Defense
Stretch Diesel - Defense

Starting Goalie - Daxflow
2nd Golie - Quake
3rd Golie - Belly

J. Reyez
Camoflaugue aka Ganghis Khan


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